How can I convert from .dict.xdxf to .xml and from .cdt or .zdt to .csv, .txt or .xml?

How can I convert from .dict.xdxf to .xml and from .cdt or .zdt to .csv, .txt or .xml?

The data in these files (.dict.xdxf and .cdt/.zdt) contains dictionary fields for bilingual dictionaries (about 5 fields). Each of the three files contains 100,000 to 350,000 lemmas (words). In other words, three databases.

I need to make these conversions because the only accepted formats for import in my software are .csv, .txt or .xml.

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have you looked at these?

Do you need to do a one-time conversion or on a scheduled/regular basis?
hermesalphaAuthor Commented:
I had a look at Linguae, seems it's a dictionary compilation software for pronunciation dictionaries, managing dictionaries etc., and that I can handle a lot of different dictionary formats. Do I have to install Python first before I install this?

Downloaded Makedict also from Sourceforge, opened it with BitZipper but what should I do with all the files? There was no installation file anywhere???

I will need to do many conversions during several years (the time it will take me to compile the dictionaries).
I saw the .PY files, too.  I'm not sure if Python is a dependency or only required if you use those functions.

This was in the INSTALL file:

Installation Instructions

1)Unpack sources of makedict somewhere, lets name directory where you
unpack source code as $SRC_DIR
1)Choose directory to build makedict, lets name it as $BUILD_DIR,
2)Go to this directory
3)Run `cmake'
$cmake $SRC_DIR
4)Run `make'
5)Run make install

At least the build seems to be simplified by the use of cross-platform make tool.
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