Exchange 2007 (shared environment) to Exchange2010 (dedicated server)


We are in the process of moving from an shared Exchange 2007 environment to a dedicated server, Exchange 2010 - the later on which we have full admin 'backend' control.

Everything is setup and working, i.e. mail routing etc. The time consuming part is migrating the contents of the mailboxes. The main problem being that because the Exchange '07 is on a shared environment; we don`t have access to the admin 'backend'. Which appears to be where most of the migration tools are run from.

We have tried the following ways to migrate mailbox data:
- Export mailbox contents in old Outlook profile, and import into a new Outlook profile.
- Mount both old and new mailboxes in one profile (Outlook 2010 feature) and 'drag and drop' mail from one to the other.

Both have proved very time consuming, and I was wondering if there was another option we can explore...?

Roger AdamsAsked:
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Roger AdamsAuthor Commented:
This was the best answer:

Hendrik WieseInformation Security ManagerCommented:
If you haven't got access to the other server the best way would be to mount old and new mailboxes which is something you are already doing.

Sorry man!!!
Hendrik WieseInformation Security ManagerCommented:
So the answer to your question is no. The fastest way to do it is to mount both mailboxes and move everything from one to the other.

Roger AdamsAuthor Commented:
Own research... best solution...
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