questions about IBM® Systems Director or other similar software

Hi and good morning!

Thinking in our bladecenters H with 9 IVM this questions comes to my mind:

What modules of IBM® Systems Director are free?
Is it downloadable for free?
Is there any other similar soft for this?
I suppose it costs A LOT!!, so I maybe there's some open source soft similar..


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IBM Director Server and Agent come with a Blade Center server unless you purchased it without any OS (don't even know if that's possible),
a Blade Center chassis contains the Agent license (unless you didn't buy a Management Module).

The Server is on the OS DVDs, the Agent should come on a separate medium for components which don't run an OS (like a chassis).

The download site (Server and Agents) is here (click the tabs to see the respective links):

It's all version 6.x, but all versions are free.


Good morning Israel,

the IBM Director Server license comes for free with AIX servers, as well as the AIX agents.

It comes free as well with Blade Center servers, System i, System x and System z (Mainframe).

Agents come as well with the above products, additionally you'll get an agent license with IBM NAS (Nseries), IBMSurePOS and IBM desktops.

In addition, each licensed installation of IBM Director Server includes a license for 20 installations of IBM Director Agent on non-IBM systems managed by that installation of IBM Director Server.

IBM Director Server is on the OS DVDs which come with the above machines (if so purchased).

A list of optional components (mostly also free and automatically installed if so chosen) is here:

You see, it costs indeed nothing, unless you have lots of non-IBM systems running which you're willing to equip with an agent.

Remains the question what it brings.

OK, we don't have HMC support with e.g. Blade Servers, so the only available common management platform is indeed IBM Director.

I had it installed here some months ago and found the GUI rather slow and impractical to handle.

I assume this has improved (a bit?) in the meantime, and if you have the time I'd really suggest giving it a try.

Should you run into problems I could imagine that I would give the beast a new try here too ...

Good luck!


sminfoAuthor Commented:
hi wmp.

you said the IBM Director Server comes with the purchase of the hardware, bladecenters, in our case..but I think our client didn't buy it. at least nobody knows here any DVD of IBM director..

Can I download it from IBM site? I was looking for it but no sucess.
Also, there are some versions, 5.2, 6.1 and 6.2.. Are all of them free for download? And what about the agents? Any URL to download them?

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sminfoAuthor Commented:
thanks wmp.... have a nice weekend..

thx for the points and have a nice WE too!

Is it in your high-mountain region as cold as here in ol' Germany? -3 degrees this night, and falling ...

sminfoAuthor Commented:
damn yesss... this night down to -4 degrees :-(

The forecast told that this weekend we'll welcome to the snow!

See ya!
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