How do I image Dell Laptop

We have several Dell Thinkpad Edge laptops.  They were imaged with Win 7 when we purchased them.  We downgraded to Win xp professional.  We cannot create and upload an image.  The issue is related to the win 7 partion.  Even if you wipe out the partion, the win 7 is still stopping us from imaging the laptops.  It has been said that if we were at Zenworks 11, it would work.  But we are not and need to image them as they are.  Is there a solution using Zenworks 7?
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Easus todo backup is a freeware imaging solution that works at partition level - it's saved me a few times with hard drive failures or "revert to install" type scenarios. I take the drive out of the machine then image it in a drive bay.

dunno about zenworks, but what program are you ising to wipe the HDD? I use gdisk, which seems to totally wipe all partitions, even recovery partitions.

gdisk 1 /dell /all
gdisk 1 /del /mbr
gdisk 1 /wipe
Use the /mbr switch to rewrite the boot code in the Master Boot Record. The usual reason for needing to reinitialize the MBR is to eliminate a boot sector virus residing there. (or recovery partition) You can also use the /mbr switch with the / wipe option to delete a dynamic disk.
useful gdisk commands

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i use the free paragon software to do that      
use the disk backup from the menu
I recommend Norton Ghost
Always works

lizzytishAuthor Commented:
This is a workable solution.
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