XP says no hard drive on 3 different drives

I have a HP Pavilion dv5000 Laptop that crashed and will not boot to any Hard Drive (3) that I try and one is new.  Each HD will try to boot and then restart.  I formatted the hd that was in it, using my desktop computer, and it still acts like it's going to boot to XP even though there's nothing on it and then reboot's.
When I boot to XP CD and press Enter to set up Windows, it reads: Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer.  Again, this happens on 3 HD's and one is new.  Is the BIOS messed up?

Any ideas?

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If these are all SATA drives, then you may want to go into BIOS.

Look for a sata compatability mode, turn off ahci, use ide mode, etc. It sounds like it is not recognizing it as a sata drive. Do you reach the point where you see the prompt at the bottom of the screen to press F6 to install additional drivers? That is when you would install the sata drivers, otherwise it will not see the drive.

Either change the mode in BIOS, or try an IDE drive instead of a sata one.
What happened just prior to you noticing this issue?  
Since you have tested several different HDDs, did you notice if any of the pins or such were damaged where the HDD connects?

Is there a bootable disc in the optical drive?  Perhaps the boot order is indicating to use the optical drive first.

Has the device been dropped or recieved a spill or anything out-of-the-ordinary recently?

I would at a minimum use a bootable cd/dvd and with one HDD installed, see if you can access that hdd and transfer data to that drive.  Use something like UBCD or similar to boot the device with and see if you can access the drive.

Otherwise, yes, confirm in bios your boot order and that your drives are being recognized.  
philw3995Author Commented:
"Is there a bootable disc in the optical drive?  Perhaps the boot order is indicating to use the optical drive first."

Yes, below is part of my post.  I'm booting to a XP cd.  I can also boot to the hd but it restarts.  What's weird, is my comment below which tells me Windows did not find a hd.

"When I boot to XP CD and press Enter to set up Windows, it reads: Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer."

This is a neighbor's laptop and he's not sure what happened.  I'm thinking it was a power surge.

This is a SATA drive and the connector looks good.

Also I forgot to mention that I ran the HP HD Diagnostics Quick Scan and the HD passed.

I will try UBCD and transfer something to the hd.  I actually did this when the hd was connected to my desktop pc.

I appreciate your assistance!
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philw3995Author Commented:
How am I supposed to connect an IDE drive to a Laptop that is built for a SATA drive?
Then you need to go into BIOS to disable Native SATA. Otherwise, you will need a memory stick with the sata drivers, or you will need to slipstream an xp cd with the drivers.

I've not run into a notebook that will accept IDE or SATA, but typically they accept one or the other.  An adapter can be purchased, but most notebooks do not offer enough space to use one of these, they are more ideal for towers/desktops.

In any case,

Check the HDD to ensure that the jumpers (if any) are set correctly for the boot order...for a notebook (assuming it is NOT a dual hdd notebook (it isn't a dual hdd notebook is it???), make certain the hdd being installed is set to primary (or cable select) and not slave.
philw3995Author Commented:
I'm not sure why you're going through all the trouble of talking about pins and jumpers and IDE drive's...it's a Laptop with a SATA Hard Drive.

Bottom line is it's just not recognizing the SATA Hard Drive, no matter how many SATA drives I try.  I will try loading SATA drivers as soon as I get back to that computer.

Thanks for your help!!!

philw3995Author Commented:
sata drivers worked, thank you.
yw. Glad it worked out for you.
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