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A few of our citrix users (secure access gateway) are having a nightmare of a time trying to access citrix from home via wireless routers. I know citriix needs a consistent connection.

I am not from a network background - but would providing them with an ethernet cable to plug in one of there home wireless routers lan ports to their PC make a mroe stable connection (if so, how is that) or wont it make much difference if the wireless is suspect and blipping? ie is it more likely the ISP rather than a wireless issue - thus wired or wireless wont make much odds
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A wired connection is almost always more stable than wireless.  The are a lot of factors outside of your control and even in your control you may not realize that could effect the stability of the wireless.  For Citrix connections a wired solution would definitely be best.
Carl WebsterCommented:
I access customer sites all over the world from wireless connections via CAGs and NetScalers.  The only time I have an issue is when the wireless connection is flaky.  The ICA protocol is tolerant of latency on the network.  But any connection protocol will have a tough time with a flaky connection.
pma111Author Commented:
>>The are a lot of factors outside of your control and even in your control you may not realize that could effect the stability of the wireless

Can you provide some examples of in control and out control?

Is my suggsetion a way to create a more stable connection?
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In control  - Many wireless products, such as cordless phones, home networks, Bluetooth devices, and baby monitors, share the 2.4(GHz) band which could cause interference.  Even running a microwave could effect it.

Out of control - obviously close neighbors with the same thing possibly and even close neighbors with the wireless on the same channel
Carl WebsterCommented:
Wired "should" always be more stable than wireless.  If the router is flaky then it is possible the wired ports could be bad also.  If the ISP is suspect (which I seriously doubt in most cases) then there is nothing you can do other than change ISPs.

If the router is good but the user is trying to use wireless from across the house, then you have an ID10T error.

If the router is good then you may have to provide a 100' cat5 cable for them to work from where they want to work.  Otherwise, why would they be using wireless?
Carl WebsterCommented:
Also Out Of Control, house construction.  If the house is made with very solid construction with few open spaces, wireless will be hard to do without a lot of Access Points.

Also, the higher the wireless frequency, the less chance it has of passing thru walls and around corners.

You could try one of the devices on a wired connection as a means of eliminating the wireless network as the cause of the problem. This will help determine if the problem is yours or the ISP's.
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