Count No.of lines in Section

Dear Experts,
      im using VS 2010, creating crystal reports.  i want to count the No.of lines printing in sections  like Details or any sections.

waiting for reply

thanks in Advance....
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Are the extra lines more records?

How do you plan to build the text to display them in the report footer?

One way is to use running totals
Is each section a single line  or can some be multiple lines?

Running total will work for the detail section.

For other sections you will need to use formulas and variables.

Do you need to reset the count at any point?

What are you trying to accomplish with the counts?

CMANI10Author Commented:
Dear mlmcc,
                     i want to print 10 lines in details sections, Above 10 lines means, lines print to Report Footer.
My report output comes 1 page only. above 10 lines the report footer will come as second page(Only displayed remaining lines only want to display), it's rider page. can u give example....
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