If Statement


I need and If statement (have attemtpted below)
If Me.Amount1 is Null then display the msgbox
If Me.Amount1 is not null then do the calcualtion.
does it look alright?

I always get the msgbox even if the Me.Amount1 is Not Null.  

Private Sub BankID_LostFocus()

        If IsNull(Me.Amount1) Then
            MsgBox "You should enter in the LC amount above first or else the calculation is not done"
             Me.Amount1 = CDbl(Me.CalcAmount)
               'CalcAmount=[Percent]*DLookUp("[Amount]","tblLetterOfCredit","[LetterOfCreditID] = " & [Forms]![frmLetterOfCredit_Cont]![LetterOfCreditID])

        End If
End Sub
pdvsaProject financeAsked:
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
sorry this
     If IsNull(Me.Amount1) Or Me.Amount=0 Then

      If IsNull(Me.Amount1) Or Me.Amount1=0 Then
It could be a case of scope. Maybe BankID_LostFocus() Me.Amount1 points to a different control, or most likely, to none. Insert a breakpoint in the if line and check the value for Me.Amount1. Alternately, you can simply insert a Debug.Print Me.Amount1 before the if and check the immediate window afterwards.
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
the syntax is okay, but, is the Amount1 bound to a field with default value of 0 ?

If IsNull(Me.Amount1) Or Me.Amount=0 Then

also, why on this line you are changing the value of Amount1

      Me.Amount1 = CDbl(Me.CalcAmount)
pdvsaProject financeAuthor Commented:
that was it.  
but I actually should have used:
        If IsNull(Me.CalcAmount) Or Me.CalcAmount = 0 Then
i/o    If IsNull(Me.Amount1) Or Me.Amount=0 Then

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