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We recently purchased the Dell Optiplex 990 shipped with Windows 7 (50 of them)  We run an XP shop so I'm in the process of re-imaging the machines for roll out. The 990s shipped with drivers all the way back to Vista 32 bit and most of the drivers work with the XP install except for the PCI Simple Communications Controller driver which will not install. I performed all Windows updates for XP and everything else seems to be working fine expect for the one item.

Does anyone know how to get this to work or if there are driver to be found for the 990 to work with XP? Thanks in advance.
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Amit KhilnaneyCommented:
I am unable to guess the device which may be causing the issue.

I hope you have already tried downloading drivers for windows xp from dell website.

Here is the direct link for Dell optiplex 990 for windows xp

Directly from Dell.

Open in new window

Could you provide a screenshot of the device details: Device Manager -> {DEVICE} -> Properties -> Details Tab:

Device Instance Id
Hardware Ids

Or just write down the Ids and post them.
PCI Simple Communications Controller is usually a modem. Also could be some other serial device. Do the PCs have modems installed?

Try device ID recommended above. If that doesn't help, Run SIW and look under under PCI heading.

Once the device is identified, drivers are likely available from the manufacturer's web site.
MDDMl_Info_TechAuthor Commented:
This is the simplest way to solve this issue since all is handed to you in tray. Never thought Dell had the dirvers out there since the Media only took me back to Windows Vista 32 and 64 bit.

Thansk a bunch!!!
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