Windows Notification Icon does not show up for some users (XP machines)

I have a windows application built with C# , .NET, which has an UI, the data on the UI isrefreshed automatically every one minute.
If there are any orders retrieved I like to display a notification icon, since the users have the application open but could have it minimized on their workstation.

Recently some users do not see any notifications pop up, while there are others who do.
I would like to know if the users had some updates applied to turn off notifications on their XP machines

private System.Windows.Forms.NotifyIcon notifyIconNotification
  if (dt.Rows.Count > 0 )
    this.notifyIconNotification.ShowBalloonTip(5000, "Order Notification", "Please process the orders", ToolTipIcon.Info);
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Carlos VillegasConnect With a Mentor Full Stack .NET DeveloperCommented:
I'm not sure if this is your problem, but check that your program is set to "Always show" in the notifications list:
Right click on your notifications area, then on "Customize Notifications"
Customize Notifications
There is also a load-order problem in XP that can prevent notification area icons from appearing, even when the 'Always show' option is selected.
It usually occurs on machines that are set to logon with no password, so it doesn't pause at the msgina screen long enough. You can diagnose that by just having the user logoff (which will force a display of the msgina screen even if they are the only user) then logon again by just clicking on/selecting their user icon. If the missing icon[s] show up after logging on again, that confirms the problem's cause.
If that is the case, the only fix I'm aware of is to make another user, so XP stops at the logon screen (or disable auto-logon if it was enabled using the "control userpasswords2" dialog... i.e. if the 'Make users...' option is unchecked in that dialog), which gives XP the extra couple seconds needed, while it waits for the user to click their icon, to let the system tray icons load properly.
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