I have question about iostat (hardisk detect)

Why parameters are different between iostat 1 -x and iostat -x

And it seem  iostat 1 -x  is more exact?

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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I can only repeat a last time:

-x alone shows the values since reboot. It seems that your disk (presently overloaded or not) has been poorly utilized for a long time period between reboot and now, so that despite of it being presently overloaded the accumulated value shows < 50 %.


You rebooted at 00:00.
It is now 12:00 the same day.

The disk in question has been utilized 0% from 00:00 to 06:00
It has been utilized 100% from 06:00 till now (12:00).

iostat -x will show 50%, iostat -x 1 will show 100%.


1 is the interval in seconds.

The first block of iostat  provides statistics concerning the time since the system was booted.

Without an interval parameter iostat will terminate after diplaying this.

When supplying an interval parameter each subsequent report covers the time since the previous report.

redstar01Author Commented:
I know that '1' is seconds update

But when overload, iostat 1 -x allway show %ubtile = 100 -> its exact
while iostat -x never show 100%util, only <50-60%, show it's not exact!

Because I want to get loadding of each harddisk (with programming script to get each disk)
And I wonder if there is any way to know exact %util

And really that   iostat -x   and  iostat 1 -x  is seem conflict?

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>> And really that   iostat -x   and  iostat 1 -x  is seem conflict? <<

It's just another base - accumulated since reboot or in last interval.
redstar01Author Commented:
but "-x" , parameters seem not exact, allway show <50%util if hdd really overload
while "1 -x" show parameters greater much, and 100%util if hdd  really overload
redstar01Author Commented:
My target:
I need know one HDD is overload or Not any time!
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