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If I put my .pst file in a server, will my Outlook traffic slow down?
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I personally haven't seen any noticeable difference throughout the day between using Outlook with a .pst locally or on a share, but the archiving process does take longer.
ShenAuthor Commented:
In outlook 2007 can  .pst be moved to a share in a server?
J PCommented:
Yes it can. But, bear in mind that your mobile users will not have offline access to said .pst.
But there is no slowdown on a solid network with .psts on shared folders.
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ShenAuthor Commented:
can you describe out to move the folder to another location?
Yes, you would have to remove it from the data files list in Outlook first and then move the file from where it is saved.  (You can see the file path in data files before you delete it.)  Then once it is moved map that share to your computer and add the data file path back into Outlook.
*** Hopeleonie ***IT ManagerCommented:

Note Moving a .pst file to a network share is not supported by Microsoft!

Have a look:
Hi Rickgov,

Its true that Microsoft does not advise .PST files to be stored on a network share. On the other hand, the network that I currently support has more than 10000 users and they we save PST's on the users Home drive. (Server)

Performance issues comes up from time to time just because your PST access becomes network dependant. For example if the server stops responding or the network switch goes down then your user looses access to the PST for that time.

One thing I do however have to advise you of is that PST on the server should not be synchronised using Microsoft offline folder sync as we have had numerous cases of them becomming corrupted and users losing archived data as a result.
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