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wordpress search not working


Just trying to implements a simple search on my wordpress site....

I have static pages (initial page is set to static) with a blog section.

I created a template and called it search

template name: Search

from within wordpress i created a page called search

my search form is:

      <form id='search' method='get' action='../search/' >
                  <input type='text' id="s" name='s' value='<?php the_search_query(); ?>' />
                  <input class="rounded-right" type='submit' value='Search' />
                  <div style='clear:both'></div>

after searching for 'fan' the url looks correct


but the page showing is my blog page with no content (the search page has a heading 'Search Results" )

Where am I going wrong?

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1 Solution
cycledudeAuthor Commented:
a little more information:

if I go directly to index.php/seach

i get my search page with no results...
cycledudeAuthor Commented:
and my body tag has a class error404

cycledudeAuthor Commented:
changed my form declaration to

      <form method="get" id="searchform" action="<?php echo esc_url( home_url( '/' ) ); ?>">

and it works.... go figure!

cycledudeAuthor Commented:
\o/ yay another one down!

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