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Silly question here, but maybe you can help!  I have a dev folder that's at, say revision 1500.  I want to do a build of revision # 1200.  Is there a way to do this cleanly without say, renaming my dev folder and creating a new one and pulling revision 1200 and building?

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jkrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, if you don't have any pending changes in your workspace (or 'dev directory'), why not overwriting it with the earlier revision and check out the head revision later again when you are don?
Hmm, why not checking out #1200 to a different folder and building it there? I.e.

- dev
- dev.1200 <--- build here
threadyAuthor Commented:
That's basically exactly what I said no?  :o)  It's just that there are unfortunately some projects with full paths in there.....  Isn't there a better way?  I tried reverting, thinking I could un-revert, but I was glad to simultaneously be using git on the same repository to sort of un-revert....
threadyAuthor Commented:
Oh - my repository is MASSIVE... so it's long to pull all that source....  Much faster if I could just pull the files that have changed since....
threadyAuthor Commented:
You can just do a checkout into the same folder?  Cool.  I like giving you points!
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