Account for Cluster file share

I have installed 2 exchange 2007 mailbox servers in cluster and created a file share on a third server with access to everyone since i dont know which account use that share.
Please help me and let me know which account is accessing that share so that i can make restriction on that folder.
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AkhaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:

"To create and secure the file share for the file share witness"

cacls <Directory> /G BUILTIN\Administrators:F <CSA>:F

i.e. only local administrators account and the cluster service account should have full control to the share
exchange 2007 does not require any file share to be created
pdixit1977Author Commented:
i have created file share witness on my domain controllers running on windows 2003 in the same Active directory site but still getting 1069, 1564 & 1205 in my cluster manager events and also getting error code "3221684229" during installation of Mailbox server in cluster.

Please help..
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did you follow the article I gave you ? did you assign the correct permissions ?
pdixit1977Author Commented:
i was trying but could not done thru command.
finally i installed Hub transport server role on my existing CAS and then created a folder, share it with access to local admins, exchange organization administrators accounts and it start working.

thanks for your support akhater.
pdixit1977Author Commented:
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