Using WAMP, accessing website from Internet I get a WAMP configuration page??

I am trying to help a client with a website setup by an employee who no longer works there. The site is on an internal "server" running WAMP. They used a free dns redirect to point a domain name to the company's public static IP. It's been working like a champ for years. (The free dns service was, which was acquired by They sent notices by email that no-one saw b/c employee was gone. Now Dyndns controls the dns for the domain and we can't contact them in any way because we don't have a paid account)

SO... I used another domain name and created "" and had the hosting company point web requests to the public IP. (the router is properly set up to forward port 80)

-The site (a front end for a database) is accessible from the LAN side using "" because we have manually entered that name into host files on the local PCs.
-"" points to in the hosts file.
-but if I enter "" or "" in a web browser on a local PC I get this WAMP configuration type of page. (I'll attach a picture)
-I also get that "WAMP page" when I use the new ""  OR when I use the public IP address. (I've tried to add port 80 ":80" to the end of the ip address also.

So, to sum up, I know the site is running because it's accessible from the LAN side using the hosts file and old domain name. But if I use the new domain from the WAN side, or WAN IP from outside or LAN IP from inside, it doesn't work.
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I'm not familiar with WAMP, but being a LAMP guy, I think I know what is happening.  Apache needs to know for any given site (if its not the "default" site on that machine) what names it will be accessed by.

So you will need to open httpd.conf (or whatever the WAMP equivalent is) on the server side, and find the VirtualHost for this site and add "ServerAlias" to that host and restart Apache.

This is pretty much the reason it doesn't work by IP either - if you're doing name-based virtual hosting, you have to access each site by its name.  The exception is that (this is true in the Unix environment, anyway) generally the FIRST listed host, or the standard DocumentRoot will be what gets displayed when accessing the system by IP.  If the system DocumentRoot doesn't contain any content (like an index.html) then you will see the generic Apache screen, which is what I believe you're seeing the WAMP equivalent of.

RickNCNAuthor Commented:
WAMP config page comes up instead of our website
RickNCNAuthor Commented:
Bingo! That did it. Simple as can be. I knew I was missing a little part. Not being familiar with it I probably wouldn't have found it. Thanks
You're most welcome, and for what its worth, that is not obvious - a lot of people stumble on it.
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