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Hi All,

Its may ba a stupid question to ask, but i thought i better ask it.

i have a XP machine from which i can ping any computer on the network group but none of the other computers can ping this machine from network.

i have checked the firewall and thats disabled, i have check registry entries which all looks fine to me, i have also removed and reinstall the network card.

i can access this machine via logme in but not from VNC.

any suggestions?

Thank you
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ITguy565Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Same Example goes for Windows XP if you enable file and print sharing then you will by default be enabling ICMP.

The other thing you can check is if you have McAfee or any other Virus protection software.. Most of these application have a Personal Firewall built into them. Make sure that you disable this as well if applicable.
are you pinging ip address or dns name or netbios name?
I would guess that the problem is your computer protection software.
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Check to make sure that the ICMP Protocol is not blocked in network settings.

Please try this:

ammartahir1978Author Commented:
Hi all thank you for your reply

1. I have tired ip and name both of the computer, when I ping computer name the computer I am pinging from resolve the ip but don't get reply.

2. There is nothing on it I have disable the firewall as well, but still no joy.
3. Icmp protocol is not blocked on my network.

No, I think you misunderstand me. ICMP is blocked by default on windows 7 machines that don't have file and print sharing enabled.

For Windows 7 Microsoft made changing this a tad more obscure (at least in the release candidate). Use the same approach to changing the settings through the GUI as described above but you’ll find that the “Networking – Echo Request (ICMPv4-In)” setting is no longer present. Use the appropriate “File and Printer Sharing – Discovery” settings instead. There are a total of six with three each for IPv4 and IPv6 with each one providing a different scope as to who can ping.
Another example of what I am talking about..

If you don't enable this option ICMP will be by default blocked in windows 7

Let me guess you can ping any computer on your network from the windows 7 box but can't ping the windows 7 box from any computer. The reason is ICMP is being blocked on the windows 7 machine. Please take me at face value and attempt this as this "IS" your issue if the above symptoms are true!
ammartahir1978Author Commented:
Hi Itguy

Thank you sorry but I m nit using win7 both machines are xp pro but I will check file n print sharing
ammartahir1978Author Commented:
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