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Command button on report

In an Access 2003 report, is there any way to put a command button on the report so in previe mode, the user can hit it to bring up another report?  The main report has master records, but I want the user to be able to view the detail without having to go back to the menu.  I want them to be able to preveiwe the report and on a particular record, view the details.
2 Solutions
Not in 2003.

That feature was added to the "Report View" in A2007.
In Access 2003, you can do that sort of thing using a popup form while the report is open, or through a commandbar menu above the report.
Jeffrey CoachmanCommented:
Not in Access 2003
But you can do this via Main/Popup "form".

This is possible in Access 2007 and higher though.

But you will have to clearly define "Master" and "Detail", because the master Report may contain many Master records, so you would have to "Filter" the popup report for just one certain Master record.

If your Master Report listed customers, you would have to "Select" a customer, then filter the "Orders" report to only show Order records associated with the selected customer.
Make sense?


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Sorry for the multiple posts...

< I want them to be able to preveiwe the report and on a particular record, view the details. >

However a user would not be able to "select" a particular record from a report the way they could from a form.  If you needed that type of functionality you would have to use a form to allow record selections in conjunction with your report.
Boyd (HiTechCoach) Trimmell, Microsoft Access MVPCommented:
In Access 2003 I handle this by using a form that looks like a report.This allows me to have a drill down feature. If the user does want to print it I use a report.
ssmith94015Author Commented:
Ok, seems that what I want may not be as simple as I wish.  They are upgrading to Access 2010 soon so I may just wait until then to provide this funtionality.  It was a "nice to have", but not a deal breaker.  Jeff, yes it did make sense and thank you both.  there is another report that holds master/subclaim pairs only, so for now, they have the information and I am not going to pursue this until the upgrade.  This is just another basis to push the upgrade forward.  I do not want to use a form as they need to print the report and I would have to go back and create another form.  They are good for now.

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