Outlook 2010 Mailbox and Archive listed twice

I have just moved my mailbox over to Exchange 2010 and now when I open Outlook 2010 my mailbox and archive show up twice, with different names.  I can expand the archive folders and they are identical.  I can only expand the first mailbox, the second says it is unavailable.
If I look in OWA they only appear once.  And I have recreated my profile a few times, so I know it's not a corrupt profile.  I have even deleted everything out of the Outlook Appdata folder as well as checked the registry entry under windows messaging subsystem to make sure the profile was removed there.
I have included a pic. Outlook 2010
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you can try stopping and starting the management process on the mailbox
350z20041335Author Commented:
That did get rid of my second archive, but I still have a second email listed.  I think that is what is causing my Outlook to not respond right after opening it.  If I click on anything it freezes, and after about 30 seconds starts responding.
350z20041335Author Commented:
I found the fix for my second mailbox.  Here is what I had to do to fix that.
Go into ADSIEdit.msc, Domain context, and drill down to the account having the problem and look for the "MSExchDelegateListLink" attribute and remove yourself from that list.  The next time you start Outlook 2010, the ghost "additional" mailbox should disappear after a few minutes.
350z20041335Author Commented:
Gave partial points to irweazelwallis for partial fix.
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