Removing a mailbox that has no user account

Having just migrated to SBS 2011 I have been doing some 'house keeping'.

On the old SBS2003 to remove a user and their mailbox you deleted the user from the users list in the management console.
Looking at the management console in 2011, which is nicely set out with links and wizards for managing users, I see the remove user link. So I have deleted the user from the console list.

But their mailbox is still in the recipients mailbox list in the console of exchange 2010!
When I try to delete it I get the error message that it cannot find the associated user in the SBSUser\Users list.

How can I force the removal of this mail box?
Or recover the user and delete them by deleting the mailbox first (which also deletes the user from AD, I have now found out!!)?

Thanks for your time on this
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scriven_jConnect With a Mentor Commented:

When you delete the user account, the mailbox is marked for deletion, but hangs around as a disconnected mailbox for a while first (can't rememebr if it is 15 or 30 days).  Will be deleted after that.
Hendrik WieseInformation Security ManagerCommented:
You can delete the email account using adsiedit. Or you can use AD Restore to recover the user on AD and then delete the user from exchange.

I am on mobile so it is a bit hard to provide you wit links, but go to and look for AD restore which is a very easy tool to do the restore with.

Hope this helps!!!
Here's how to do it using EMS if you'd prefer not to wait.


..another method would be to create a new user without mailbox, connect the mailbox using disconnected mailbox and then delete in the usual way.
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