Windows 7 updates and Windows 7 SP1 fail to install with error code 800736b3 error_sxs_assembly_not_found

my perfectly running windows 7 professional fails installing security updates kb2387530, 2467023, 2393802, 2485376, 2482017, 2475792, 2425227, 2479628 since feb 9, 2011, all of them with the same error 800736b3.

the built in windows 7 error procedure for failed updates does not help.

searching for solutions, i tried the following without success:

1) the microsoft fix it tool for update problems.
2) the windows 7 system file check sfc found no problems
3) selecting only single ones of the failing updates
4) restoring and resetting the advanced internet options of internet explorer
5) deleting the folder "softwaredistribution" in c:\windows to force new download of the updates
6) in safe mode windows 7 does not offer windows updates
7) resetting to former system restore points
8) restoring a windows image backup from before 9 feb, 2011

9) only today i saw there was windows 7 sp1 offered (kb976932) within windows update - new hope arose, and i deselected the eight failing updates, selected only windows 7 sp1 update, and then a fully unlogic story happened:

after beginning the installation of windows 7 sp1, the system wanted a reboot.
after the reboot i saw, sp1 update had failed, with the same error code 800736b3, but all the other eight DEselected had succeeded! sometimes one goes crazy about windows.

after this i had 10 tries to install the windows 7 sp1 update, but the system told me, it has to download it before, and the download stopped after some minutes with 0% and above error code.

then i downloaded the windows 7 sp1 from microsoft, the installation (windows firewall disabled, virusscan disabled) stopped with same error code and error_sxs_assembly_not_found.

also downloading and installing the system update preparation tool Windows6.1-KB947821-v10-x86 did not make succeed sp1 installation thereafter.

so i got no clue what else to try, i deselected sp1, and the system tells me, it is up to date, no new updates. fine?

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etuschAuthor Commented:
I submitted this Question a long time ago, but now I found the solution, it is Windows 7 INPLACE Upgrade!

Before, the common hints to solve error 800736b3,

Microsoft KB 947821 The System Update Readiness Tool and
Microsoft KB 929833 The System File Checker tool

uncovered no errors nor inconsistencies on my system.

So with the new hint Windows 7 INPLACE Upgrade I had a new try. From my running Windows 7 (no SP1 on it, no IE9.0), I disabled Virus Scanner, Defender, Firewalls, and startet Setup.exe from my Windows 7 Install DVD. I told it to install, but when asked for searching for Security Updates, I said no, as it would last very long.

The system was working for some hours, after the Reboot it found lots of Updates, 95 (of course, on my Windows 7 DVD there are no updates, no SP1); but I decided not to startl the Installation of the 95 Updates, but Download first SP1. It worked!!! Afterwards it found about 45 further updates, and all of them installed fine! So my system ist perfect up-to-date, and last not least: the INPLACE upgrade did not delete or forget my running applications, drivers, data - all were up and running (with Windows 7 Repair I guess, I would have had to Reinstall the whole stuff!).

So I'm very happy and hope to help herewith other folks with same problems.
etuschAuthor Commented:
As my question was from Feb, 2011 and no-one could help further, I deleted it; now I got the Solution, and want to make it accessible for the experts exchange community.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
21 Oct is not a long time ago but that is exactly what I had to do with my system.
etuschAuthor Commented:
to ve3ofa:as you see in my "close request pending" my question was from Feb 2011.
I had the same problem and finally discovered that it was simply because I didn't have enough free room on the hard drive.  I ran Disk Cleanup and removed previous Windows installation files, and after that, everything updated like a charm.
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