Why is D-Link router blocking a single url?

Hello all,

Very strange behaviour.  I am unable to surf to a single url.  Call it www.mysite.com

I have a PC running Windows XP, a D-Link DIR-825 router, cable modem.  I can surf to common sites like Google without problem.  But when I try to surf to www.mysite.com, the browser replies that it can't find the server (or the Explorer, Firefox or Opera version of that message).

Here's the stanger part:

I CAN surf to www.mysite.com if I type in its IP address.  I CAN surf to www.mysite.com by domain name if I remove the router and connect the PC directly to the cable modem.  But I cannot surf to www.mysite.com by domain name with the router in the circuit.

I've checked the domain blocking list on the router's admin facility - there are no domains listed for blocking.

What could possibly be going on, and how can I fix it?

It occurs to me that it may block others as well - but I wouldn't know without trying every url on the planet to see which it blocks.  I just know that it definitely does block this one.

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HellmarkConnect With a Mentor Linux Systems AdministratorCommented:
To me it almost seems as if it is a DNS issue. Does the router have a different DNS server set than what you would get when connecting directly to the modem? If it does, that DNS server (or cache), could be out of date, and would cause this issue.
wolfcamelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
can you ping the ip address with the router in place?
are there other firewall like options in this router - can you reset it to factory defaults or install any firmware updates
xfvgdrthbdtyvhgscvAuthor Commented:
With the router in place, I can ping the IP address, but not mysite.com or www.mysite.com.
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xfvgdrthbdtyvhgscvAuthor Commented:
Checked the router's firewall settings - I've never touched them, so I assume they are stil factory default:

UDP Endpoint Filtering:     Address Restricted  

TCP Endpoint Filtering:    Port And Address Restricted  

Too expand on Hellmarks' statement, try changing your DNS settings to use OpenDNS.
xfvgdrthbdtyvhgscvAuthor Commented:
Hellmark's comment spurred me to investiage the issue of DNS with this router.  Found articles about "DNS Relay", which I understand to be basically DNS-cacheing by the router.  I disabled this and suddenly I can surf to mywebsite.com by domain name.

Now, further to kpmartin, I checked, and teh DNS server is set to in the router.  I would have thought that I would have used my ISP's DNS, no?
the router will usually revert to your ISP's DNS server if left blank.  I highly recommend the Open DNS servers for many reasons though, primarilly, security.  Check them out @ opendns.com
HellmarkLinux Systems AdministratorCommented:
Typically, when you have all zeros ( with a network configuration, it will use what is given from DHCP. So, in this instance, for the DNS server, will make the router use what ever DNS information is given by DHCP from your ISP. However, if you have DNS caching going on, then it will look to the cache before it ever checks with a DNS server, so wouldn't matter what you used for a DNS server.
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