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RDS hangs once and a while

We've been running a server for months.  Hyper-V R2 SP1 is enabled.  The server WIndows 2008 R2 SP1  has 32GB RAM, 2x E5530 2.4GHz (2 processors - 16 cores)

Two VM have been  installed, a small XP and a RDS WIndows 2008 R2 SP1 server.

16GB are assigned to the RDS VM.  2vCPU,  For a reason or another, the process  IEXPLORE,EXE *32  seems to take a lot of ressources (CPU)  for some users, not all of them.  After a certain period of time the server is hanging.  

About 20 users are connected to this RDS.  THey're using light applications such as Words.  

If you have an advice please let me know.   I could add another RDS (farm) but I need to make sure the problem is all about ressources (vCPU)

I assigned 4vCPU during the initial configuration of this RDS VM.   But it was hanging more often.  So I decreased the number of vCPU to two vCPU.  For a month it didn't hang at all  (it was hanging every 5 tp 7 days with 4vCPU)

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2 Solutions
Sounds like processor interrupts while you are running more vCPU's - typical deployment is to start from 1vCPU and work up monitoring performance and interrupts to scale correctly
quadrumaneAuthor Commented:
Ok, but I alreade scaled down from 4 to 2vCPU.  Usually 16GB with 2vCPU is a good match.  IEXPLORE.EXE *32 could cause the server to hang even more if a scale down again, don't you think ?  
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may also want to get monitoring for your servers, so you can watch for symptoms - at the hypervisor level as well as within the VMs. see the eG Enterprise  Monitoring System for Hyper-V (http://www.eginnovations.com/web/microsoft-hyperv-monitor.htm).
quadrumaneAuthor Commented:
The server was already configured when the client called us to deal with this problem.  Here is what we've done to correct the problem so far.  

- Monitoring Hyper-V and the RDS VM
- The RDS VM was synchronizing with the Hyper-V server.  Now it's only synchronizing with the PDC
- The VHD was dynamic, it's now fixed.
- updating network drivers

So far so good after 7 days.  

I'll look into the Hyper-V monitoring software thanks

And thanks for the guidelines paper.  

At this point I think we will be waiting a week to see if it helped.  
quadrumaneAuthor Commented:
It looks like what we've done is working.  Thanks everyone
quadrumaneAuthor Commented:
It solved the problem

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