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We are using SharePoint Foundation 2010 and the Alert Manager tool and have been experiencing a problem where users  are being subscribed multiple times for the same alerts. They are therefore also receiving repeat emails.  We just installed the latest patch, but are not sure if this has solved the issue. Has this been a common occurrence? User error? What is the best way to test and also delete duplicate alerts per person?

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Jagdish DevakuSr DB ArchitectCommented:

Are the alerts are configured for multiple groups where the same users are allocated in different groups.

This should be a User Error.

i faced the same issue due to the above reason. And I deleted the groups and added the users directly instead of adding groups.

mmack12Author Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Tired of requesting attention
mmack12Author Commented:
Just saw the response from Jagdish, thank you.
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