Changed from Windows to Mac

Hi, i have just changed over from Windows to Mac. Can someone help me with the following questions:

1 - i have 3 gmail accounts and i have just set them up in Mail, however i have over 35,000 emails between the 3 accounts and Mail is downloading all of them... is it possible to only keep the last 100 or so emails from each gmail account in Mail, like it does on the iPhone

2 - if i remove all of these accounts, will it delete all the mails from my system (free the space back up again)

3 - is it possible to receive notifactions when you get a new email

4 - what is the shortcut for delete (or is there one)

5 - my friend has given me a disc with a few apps, what is the best way to install them, do i just double click on them to start the install or do i need to drag them to a certain area and then install them

6 - i would like to spend 2 weeks playing around with the system and then completely wipe the laptop and start fresh from all over again... what is the best way to do this

7 - when i press cmd SHIFT and 4 it brings up the cross hair for the cropped screenshot, can someone notify me as to where the settings are for this utility

8 - a lot of folders and sub folders on my windows laptop have custom icons and windows default icons applied to them... should i remove all of these icons before moving all of my files over will OS X handle them ok

9 - how do you find out the file size of app (like how much space the mail app is using)

10 - is there a certain area in the app store that is specific for Dashboard widgets

Sorry for all the questions, but after spending 15 years on Windows machines, i am eager to get off to the right start in the OS X environment, thanks again...
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I have attached a picture of the keyboard and circled the delete button.

Yes, it will reformat the drive and delete everything.
1: Not that I have found.
2: Yes
3: Yes, It is in preferences -> General
4: CTR + Delete
5: Just double click and your good to go. Most of the time it will want you to copy the app to the application folder. Most apps are standalone so there really isn't an install per say.
6: Well there are a few ways to do this and it depends on your OS. If it is lion just google fresh install of lion. If you need more info I can explain in more detail.
7:There isn't any settings form my knowledge.
8: Should be fine.
9: Right click and go to info
10: No
Let me know if I need to go into more detail on some of the questions.
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oo7mlAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help... can you go into more detail on points 4 (i don't see a delete button) & 6

Also, just to be sure... iI want to wipe the laptop completely so their is no previous files or settings, not just re-install Lion... i want to make note of all the tweaks and apps that i want as i play around for 2 weeks, then i want to wipe the system clean, re-install everything fresh and make an image of the system so i can revert back to it if i ever need to (but hopefully i won't as i hear this is one of the advantage of mac)
4: That is the keyboard shortcut. On a normal keyboard it will be the Backspace button but on a mac it is Delete.
6: Yeah you probably won't need to ever re-image it. What you are looking for is a fresh install of Lion. Here is just one guide:
oo7mlAuthor Commented:
Ok, sorry i am confused... on my mac book air (13") and i do not see a delete button:

- i want to be able to click on a file and press a delete button (or command) to delete the file
- when i am typing i want to be able to press a delete button (or command) to start deleting text to the right of the cursor

In relation to point 6, if i do a fresh install will it wipe all the new apps installed and all of the user files i have created since i turned my new laptop on, thanks again for your help...
oo7mlAuthor Commented:
Ok cool, i see it is Backspace and cms (not control), cool, thanks again for all your help
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