Device Missing in Watchguard Report Server

I guess this is a couple of questions rolled into one.  I have recently installed our new Watchguard X510.  Once I had that properly configured, I went onto one of our servers, and installed the Watchguard Server Center (including the Management Server, Log Server, Report Server and WebBlocker Server).  The status shows running and Enabled for all of these services.  I also went into the Policy Manager, and enabled logging for the HTTP Proxy.  

Now, when I go to https://[ReportServerIPAddress]:4122, I am presented with the certificate warning.  I go ahead and accept.  However, once I log in with admin and password, and it says "Select A Device", there are no devices listed.  This is all if I perform these actions from the servers web browser.  If I try to visit this link from a client machine, I am not even presented with the certificate warning.  However, when I log in, and still has no devices listed.  I thought maybe something was wrong with the install, so I uninstalled, and then reinstalled the Report Server.  Rebooted the server.  Still having the same results.  Not really sure why this is not working.

My main reason for wanting to do this is to check reports on end-users who are trying to visit inappropriate sites that are being blocked by Webblocker.  I'm assuming I can view this information through the Report Server.  What I would really like to achieve is for the server to send me an email whenever an end-user attempts to visit an inappropriate site and is blocked.  Is this function of emailing available through the Report Server?  Any ideas of why the X510 is not listed as a device?
Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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Ensure that you have configured logging on WG:

Configure your server [follow step 2]:
Set the log encryption key:

Configure "Watchguard Log Server" on the device [with same log encryption key as configured above]:

Your device should now be visible.

To set up alarm [select "Alarm if denied" option for Action to take under the categories]:

Please implement and update.

Thank you.

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dgreer1201Author Commented:
That worked perfectly.  I still don't understand exactly why though.  I already had all of that setup.  The only thing I did change...........was changing the encryption key, and "check-mark" for the Alarm on the WebBlock categories.  Everything else was already setup.

In any case.........after changing the encryption key and turning on Alarms..........the device became visible.
Thanks for the great assistance!!!

Happy I could be assitance; log encryption is the key here; if it does not match then all other settings are as good as not done! :)
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