downloading pics from camera to Mac

I have downloaded pics from my camera[ lumix panasonic [this one DMC-ZS10] for years, and never had a problem.
- Plug camera cord into USB port of Macbook Pro,
- it asks for usb mode and pc connection,
- goes to access
- and iphoto site appears with the window asking for 'accept all images' or just those marked.

But today I dont get further than
-  iphoto appearing - on the top address line, only!
-  BUT the desktop is what appears on the screen!
NO iphoto!!!

Please help me download my images from the camera to iphoto macBook.
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beavoidConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hey !

cancel that last request!

I found that the page/window had wedged itself right at the bottom of the screen behind the icons.

Marc SmetsSystem AdministratorCommented:
Test this first to determine where the issue could be

Hold down the option (or alt) key key and launch iPhoto. From the resulting menu select 'Create Library'

Can you do this? If so it could be a library issue :

Back Up and try rebuild the library: hold down the command and option (or alt) keys while launching iPhoto. Use the resulting dialogue to rebuild. Choose to Rebuild iPhoto Library Database from automatic backup
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