Give me any idea about best HP products

Please recommend me the best HP products to meet following requirements

1.  I need to save 1Tera Byte files on the File server.
2.  And also, need to copy those files to the Storage Server.  ( for disk to disk backup)
3.  in the future, data size will become up to 5Tera Byte.
4. Tape Auto Loader need to connect with Storage Server.
5.  These devices cost about 33,000 US dollar totally.

Please let me know the best HP product for File server and Storage Server and Tape Auto Loader.
2 Servers may be connected with Ethernet.( or any suggestions?)
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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A SAN to store PST files on? what a waste of money.

DL380 G7 with one of the slower CPUs and 6GB RAM would do fine, couple of 146GB 10Ks to boot from and 1TB SATAs for disk pool on the backup box, couple of 146GB 10Ks to boot from and some 600GB 10Ks for the fileserver. Hardly worth having two servers really since you could run the backup software directly on the fileserver, especially since you can't backup PST files during the day anyway and it isn't doing anything else at night. Probably need a second disk cage to give enough room, that would give 16 disks total, best to use an additional P410 for the second cage rather than the SAS expander. 1/8 G2 LTO4 SAS Autoloader plus SC44Ge would suffice for tape, wouldn't get an LTO5 as may not be able to feed it fast enough to avoid shoe-shining.
Where are you buying those servers from?

What size do you need the storage server?

How what type of access to those files will there be?  How frequently are they read or written?  What kind of IO demands will be placed on those servers?  Would using SATA drives in a RAID configuration be OK, or do you need SAS?  

$33,000 is sufficient to get you what you need.  I just bought some Dell servers with similar servers that
shouichiAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your comments.

I would like to buy HP products. But I have not decided yet to buy from where.

>What size do you need the storage server?
At first, 1T byte and in the future, the data volume will become 5T byte.
Therefore I need to buy the product which is expandable up to 5Tbyte.

>How what type of access to those files will there be?
the purpose of this is for pst file backup. I will save all employee's outlook pst files on the file server.

>How frequently are they read or written?
File Server is accessed frequently.
But, Storage server is implemented only for disk to disk backup purpose.

>do you need SAS?
SAS is best for me.

Please let me know which product is best for upnoted requirements.
I want HP product information and also,
DELL product is still OK.
I would appreciate if you could provide those information.

Thank you

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get a SAN and it can do all this,
Equalogic or EMC VNXe
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
5 TeraBytes is by today's standards a small to medium capacity and can be fulfilled on 2 or 3 disks although it depends on your usage requirements especially IOPS as 10x500GB might be more appropriate.

If all this is happening on one server then you probably don't need a File Server, just add the extra disk. If its several servers, then look at one of HP's NAS boxes.
shouichiAuthor Commented:
Which option is the best ?
1.  File Server -- SAS-- Storage Server
2.  File Server -- SAN -- Storage Server
3.  File Server -- iscsi --Storage Server

in case of Windows server 2008,
1. is possible ?
A single NAS or SAN would fit the ticket.
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
If you are going to stick with only a couple of servers then something like a SAS connected P2000 would do.

If your plans are to get more servers in the future, then an iSCSI connected File server maybe with a SAS backend would be appropriate

and both will work with WS2008
andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want one with Windows storage server pre-installed then I'd use BK777A - (addiditional disk cage isn't listed there but it's in the DL380 quickspecs, goes where the DVD drive is. Not sure whether it's DL380 G6 or G7, think it's G7 as it has P812 in it.
shouichiAuthor Commented:
thank you
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