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Building a SMS/E-mail alert system in ASP.NET

I have the requirements to build a web site / web service that will

Read a notification from a text file in a folder (key) Look up in a cross reference table which phone is assigned to the key read Send an email or text to the phone the phone assigned

What would be the logic and the best way of implementing this? Would this be accomplished with regular asp.net page, or do I need a web services?

This a very general overview of the req. needed for this application , I hope someone can give a good starting point to build it. Thanks in advance.
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the question if a website oder a service is the best choice depends on how the application is used.

Are users accessing directly your application? Then a service will not be of any use, because there is no UI that a user can access.

If there are only "other" applications that "consume" your app, f.e. an already up and running website or a desktop application that will communicate with your app, then a service will be the better (or so to say: only) choice how to estabilsh your application.

Hope that was not too confusing.

What I would do:
- build a WCF-Service that does all the action (lookup in database, send out sms /email)
- build a website that communicates with the service as an UI.

Hope that helps :)
TonyRebaAuthor Commented:
Hi , no GUI is required, the application or service will need only to watch any chnages in a file(s) and then look for a key to match with a lookup table, then send out a email , to the matching person.

Will a windows service be the best bet? How about Web Services? I have done small web applications in C#, how different is to build this kind of applciation?

With WCF you got the advantage of scalability of your application. So a WebService can be a good choice if you have some sort of client / server communication requirements.
"Classic" windows service do not scale that well, but do centralize information, too.
After all its a matter of requirements that will lead to a decision what technology will be best.

We prefer to establish client / server communication via WCF based TCP-Service-Endpoints only. No more windows services, though we use to let our WCF-Service run as a service ;).
Have a look here:

Hope that helps
TonyRebaAuthor Commented:
thanks will play around with it, good information!
you are welcome :)
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