how do you connect outlook 2007 to exchange 2010

Just finished installing exchange 2010, I try to join my outlook 07; exchange not available and outlook must be online
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Try a complete manual setup and see if that works.
That's kind of a broad question. We don't know anything about your setup.

Are you able to access OWA?

What are the settings you are trying to use?

Are you inside the network?
Marc SmetsSystem AdministratorCommented:
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liteweightAuthor Commented:
These are 2 new boxes; DC: Windows Server 2008R2 the 2nd box also DC WS2008R2 and Exchange 2010.

I am testing inside our network, trying to connect to ms outlook 2007.

I can access OWA

Did you setup Outlook manually or are you using autodiscover? Try putting the server settings in manually. Also do you have a valid SSL cert in Exchange?
liteweightAuthor Commented:
In autodiscovery, it found me automatically however it prompt me for the server username and password. I used mine and administrator and it still have the error: exchange not available and outlook must be online.
liteweightAuthor Commented:
Could not complete by manual setup either.

I did MS Exchange Best Practice Analyzer:
Missing FQDN in ExchangeAB SPN
Missing NetBIOS name in ExchangeAB SPN

So I ran
setspn -A SMTP/ TESTexch

setspn -A SMTP/TESTexch TESTexch

Still have the the same error.
liteweightAuthor Commented:
i finally connected outlook 2007 to exchange 2010.
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