oracle application express 4.1 apex combine applications on to one dashboard page

apex combine applications on to one dashboard page

I have built 3 database applications which are based on 3 different excel spreadsheets.
Rather then have 3 different logins for each page I would like to be able to have a dashboard page as a separate application and then have a link to each application. This would only require 1 login.
Is this possible or have i gone about building apps the wrong way.
Thanks in advance.
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gatorvipConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What version of APEX are you running?

How you proceed depends on what you want to manipulate the spreadsheet data. Typically, this data needs to be loaded into an Oracle table.

For example, in your administration interface, go to SQL Workshop, then Utilities / Data Workshop. Under Data Load, click on Spreadsheet Data (note, you will have to save your spreadsheet in CSV format first). Once you go through all the prompts, you will have loaded the data via the APEX interface and then you can proceed with reporting (or whatever else you need).
I may be misunderstanding the question, but why do you need 3 separate *applications* ? Why not just 1 application containing 3 sections (corresponding to each spreadsheet)? Then you could easily control the user access to each section based on the user.
I agree with gatorvip.

Use only one application, and not three..
dplinnaneAuthor Commented:
So I have an application called PATCH_LOG.
I am on a workspace that I created called OCTWORKSPACE.
I am logged into the workspace as admin.
Under Home ->Apllication builder

PATCH_LOG  + REQUEST_LOG + 3 other apps.

If I click CREATE I will create another application.

If I want to add another excel spreadsheet app to the RESET_LOG app
I click on the RESET_LOG App
Now I am in
Home ->Apllication builder ->application 104
The only option I see here is Create Page

Is this what I need to do to create an other excel application.

I'm a bit confused on how to get around and combine apps

dplinnaneAuthor Commented:
did not answer fully
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