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Can any one help me. I need a simple PHP code that will read the content of an online folder on my wbt site for example I will like to know the name of the file ext (I wish only to read MP3) I would like to keep a list of the files that are currently in the folder
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HellmarkLinux Systems AdministratorCommented:
This is based on code found from

  //$current_dir = "$DOCUMENT_ROOT"."/";    //Put in second part, the directory - without a leading slash but with a trailin$
  $current_dir = "./";
  $dir = opendir($current_dir);        // Open the sucker
  echo ("<p><h1>List of available files:</h1></p><hr><br />");
  while ($file = readdir($dir))            // while loop
    $parts = explode(".", $file);                    // pull apart the name and dissect by period
    if (is_array($parts) && count($parts) > 1) {    // does the dissected array have more than one part
        $extension = end($parts);        // set to we can see last file extension
        if ($extension == "mp3" OR $extension == "MP3")    // is extension ext or EXT ?
             echo "<a href=\"$file\" target=\"_blank\"> $file </a><br />";    // If so, echo it out else do nothing cos it's$
  echo "<hr><br />";  

  closedir($dir);        // Close the directory after we are done

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Zirwo01Author Commented:
This is awsome what about if I would like it in aphabeticle order?
I guess what you need is some .htaccess
for example the url you provided could be

and if you can make your system like this e.g.: file.php?name=xxxxxxxx

then with some htaccess tricks you can change the way url is shownn
Zirwo01Author Commented:
I am not following you this for the read folder content?
HellmarkLinux Systems AdministratorCommented:
It appears as if they misread the question, in that thinking you have a php script, and you want it to appear as if it is a directory. Which, there are simpler ways than using .htaccess to do that as well ('d have just made a folder named /music/ and named the script index.php and placed it in the folder).
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