SSRS FIlter Parameters on previous selected parameters

Hi All -

I have 4 parameters for my SSRS 2008 report: A, B, C, D. A and B are independent of each other.

But for whatever A and B are selected - I want them to help filter out C.
So .. select * from tableC where column1 IN (@A) AND column2 IN (@B).

And then parameter D is dependent on parameter C
so .. select * from tableD where column1 IN (@C)

Is the possible in SSRS or do all of my parameters need to be loaded pre-render?

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iosifsConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Delete parameter C an recreate it (by refreshing the dataset that contains parameter C).
If a parameter is dependent by other parameters then it should be created after those parameters.
Alpesh PatelAssistant ConsultantCommented:
yes you can do it at way.

rmm2001Author Commented:
That's how it's set up right now and it's not filtering based off of the parameter I select. It seems like it's loading everything at once for the parameter lists and not posting back after I select one option. Is there a way to make it operate where it posts back after every selection so the lists refresh?

Thanks for replying!
rmm2001Author Commented:
This seems to be working now. Odd that I had to recreate everything like that though.

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