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citrix netscaler mpx-5500 edition

Can someone tell me how I can tell which edition my netscaler mpx-5500 is?
a SH HARDWARE does not tell me that.

This is the SH License:

        License status:
                       Model Number ID: 5500
                           Web Logging: YES
                      Surge Protection: YES
                        Load Balancing: YES
                     Content Switching: YES
                     Cache Redirection: YES
                          Sure Connect: YES
                   Compression Control: YES
                     Delta Compression: NO
                      Priority Queuing: YES
                        SSL Offloading: YES
          Global Server Load Balancing: YES
                        GSLB Proximity: YES
                   Http DoS Protection: YES
                       Dynamic Routing: YES
                     Content Filtering: YES
                    Integrated Caching: NO
                               SSL VPN: YES  (Maximum users = 640)
                                   AAA: YES
                          OSPF Routing: YES
                           RIP Routing: YES
                           BGP Routing: YES
                               Rewrite: YES
             IPv6 protocol translation: YES
                  Application Firewall: NO
                             Responder: YES
                        HTML Injection: NO
                        NetScaler Push: YES
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1 Solution
Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
try sh ver
trojan81Author Commented:

The sh ver doesnt tell me

just shows me the version of code we are on.
Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:

I love these thigns and the way Citrix change commands sometimes.

Try show hardware (v9.0 and higher) or sysctl netscaler (prior to v9.0)
trojan81Author Commented:

The sh hardware doesnt seem to tell me. Unless it is encoded here:

Platform: NSMPX-5500 2*CPU+2*E1K+4*E1K+1*C 550000
trojan81Author Commented:
Tony I will proceed with awarding you the points.
I don't have app firewall so I've concluded that I have enterprise.
Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Thank you for the points.

I've asked if that string can be decoded - I'm sure it must mean something to someone, but I also had a thought last night: can you not see the licenses on your MyCitrix page?

I think I may have been overcomplicating things - certainly a quick check seems to suggest that you should be able to see them:

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