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Mapped drives connected but not accessible

I have a long-time setup for backups where each computer to be backed up has a particular folder which is mapped onto the backup computer.
Recently, the backups didn't run because, it appears, the mapped drives weren't "there".
But they were and they weren't showing as disconnected.

I opened them in Windows just fine.
After that, the backups would run normally.

I can't have this happening and I can't figure out what was causing this strange behavior.  This has been working for years!
Fred Marshall
Fred Marshall
1 Solution
check the log on the backup computer - if it is a windows PC not a server you may have exceeded the number of allowable connections
During that there could be possible network fluctuations. in destination or source end....
if you face the same issue again then please check the net connectivity....
I had a similar problem.  Worked around it by executing a NET USE command as the first step of the backup.  (Change as appropriate for your system.)  The backup program I use has an option to execute a DOS command before starting the backup.  If yours does not, you may be able to use a batch file to do the NET USE and then start the backup.

net use r: \\\backups "" /persistent:yes /user:administrator

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Fred MarshallAuthor Commented:
- It's not the number of connections.
- I've used the NET USE command for things like this in the past.  But this one has been stable for years so I'd like to avoid that.  May be forced to.
I see a large number of errors extending over this whole week that say:
"The server {5A5AA0AA-...........} did not register with DCOM within the required timeout."
Fred MarshallAuthor Commented:
Does the error reveal anything?
I implemented the NET USE command.
I also did this:

but now we get errors / non-connects / with "too many users".

I posted another question related to this.
Await more info re: the errors seen as above.
Fred MarshallAuthor Commented:
Does anyone understand the error:
"The server {5A5AA0AA-...........} did not register with DCOM within the required timeout."

It seems to have been generated quite often at the same time this problem started.
On September 28th, 2011:

You may experience various problems after you install the Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-051 for COM+ and MS DTC


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