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What is the best way to add textboxes to a drawing in asp.net

I am developing an application that takes power readings from a database and displays them. What I want is to super impose the readings on to a mimic drawing.
see attached example, Power mimic example,  the readings are the power readings. I thought of creating a table and inserting pictures and textboxes in to cells to make up the page, this is alot of work. If any develpers can help with a better solution here are some points.
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If I understand what you are trying to do correctly the first idea that comes to my mind is to lay the image as a background and use CSS to position your textboxes as you'd like. It's a little work, certainly less work than tables (tables are for tabular data not layout...just had to say that).

So I'd do something like this(just to get you started):
<see code><see screen shot> Power Textbox overlay SS
    <form id="form1" runat="server">
    <div style="background-image:url('img/Power-Asp.jpg'); height:298px; width:534px; position:relative;">
	<asp:TextBox ID="TxtPwr1" runat="server" style="position:absolute; top:62px; left: 84px; width:58px; " />

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dearnessAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the pronpt reply, exactly what I want. I am obviously new to this. Now to get brush up on CSS. Thanks.
The only trick to this is the position relative/absolute.

1. There is an outer container, in this case a <div>. This container has the background-image and its dimensions are set to the same height/width as that image. This container has position relative. What this means is that any absolutely positioned elements inside of it will calculate their left/right/top/bottom position from this parent rather than the entire <html> element.

2. You make textboxes inside the <div>, set them absolute, set their left/top dimensions and adjust till you get where you want. In general this is what is happening. I also set the size of the textbox but I'm hoping it will be pretty simple for you to follow.

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