USB Expansion Card for Dell R710 Server

Hello.  I'm trying to plug in 4 of these:

Into a Dell R710 Server :

I'm using Linux.

When I plugin the timers to the provided USB ports in the front part of the server I'm only seeing one of the USB Sangoma Timers.

When I plug them into the back 2 USB ports, I can see both timers.

I believe the front ports are using a shared BUS.

Do you think if I purchase this card:

All (4) USB UT51 Sangoma Timers will show up as separate devices in linux?

Let me know if you have any questions by responding below.

Matt GrofskyAsked:
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Matt GrofskyAuthor Commented:
NTP is not granular enough.  This is internal clock timing for a phone system.   No answer found.
Hard to know for sure, but chances are it will support at least 2 of the Timers, that and the 2 in the back should suffice.

I hope this helps !
why dont you use ntp instead
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Matt GrofskyAuthor Commented:
ntp isn't fast enough.  I'm dealing with very precise timing on these cards.
ntp presice enough is the ukl military use ntp on various projects I did a ntp test for them and it was nevere more than 2 seconds out
ntp is connected to a atomic clock
Matt GrofskyAuthor Commented:
no other solution found
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