What is decision tree and how to make it

using the nouns N={dog, man, mouse, bird} and the verbs V={bites,eats,kicks}, how many "sentences" of the form
(noun)  (verb)  (noun)

I guess:

are there, with the restriction that every word in the sentence has a different length? (For example, "dog eats mouse" is such a sentence, but "man bites dog" is not, because it contains two words of length three.) Use a decision tree to arrive at your answer.

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dog and man   can have all three verbs under them

mouse and bird  can only have two

There are only ever one or two choices for the last word.
Start at the top, and draw 4 branches: dog man mouse bird

Under each one, put the valid verbs: 3 for man and dog, 2 for mouse and bird

Fill in the last row keeping track of the restrictions
At each level, you list all possible choices/decisions.
mustish1Author Commented:
Can you please show me few rows

dog  man  mouse  bird
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