Firefox very high on CPU and PF USAGE

Hello, i have been experimenting for the last month or so that Firefox is consuming too much resources. I was using Firefox Version 3 or 4, and recently i updated to version 7.01 but the problem persists.

It slows down my computer and also my internet browsing.

For example right now in TASK MANAGER, under PROCESSES, Firefox has a Mem Usage of 1,216,148k, and is way above over other proceses... VM Size is also very high, 1,231,492 .

Here is a Printscreen of my Task Manager:
 Task Manager Printscreen
This is a Windows XP Pro SP2 Laptop,with 4GB Ram, and an Intel Core 2 T7400. I have the following security software that has not reported any problem yet:

- Microsoft Security Essentials
- Malware bytes Antimalware
- Spyware Blaster

Please let me know if you need more information, or if i have to run some further tests.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi unrinoceronte,

Try turning Java off in your firefox settings. I have seen a similar issue on our network before and it turned out to be Java code that got stuck in a loop or something. Once a later version of Java was applied all was working fine. This will also explain why your Virus Adware programs have not shouted with regards to spyware yet.

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Hi unrinoceronte,

Has the issue been resolved?
If not, have you tried turning Firefox plugins/extensions one at a time and see if one of them is the culprit.
unrinoceronteAuthor Commented:
Hi CharlWiehahn and Rpggamergirl. Thanks you both for your sugguestions. I am doing some test right now because the PF USAGE doesnt becomes high just by only opening Firefox, but what i have noticed is that it increases after some time being open with many open windows. Perhaps is not the quauntity of the windows but the content of the weboages that consumes more PF Usage?....

Anyways right now is tnot so high, it has climbed from PF USAGE 700 MB to 920 MB in the last 5 minutes. It seems that the PF usage start getting bigger gradually but in the other hand, the CPU USAGE is normally around 5 or 6%, but when i go to a video on youtube or Vimeo it goes way up to 60 to 70% specially if it is a HD video. If it is a 320 p vido on youtube, it goes up to max 25%.. Does this makes sense?

So i will wait a few more minutes or an hour or so until the PF usage becomes really high again (aroung 2 Gb)  and then i will try Turning off JAVA on firefox settings. And also i will start turning of the plugins/extensios one at a time and see what happens.

By the way, under the ADDONS Tab, / EXTENSIONS, the "JAVA CONSOLE 6.0.20 (Disabled) has a message that says: Java Console is incompatible with Firefox 7.0.1 "

Thanks and i will keep you posted soon.
Hi unrinoceronte,

The following link seems to be related to your Java incompatible problem.
unrinoceronteAuthor Commented:
Hi again, so i have been monitoring my computer this last 3 days and i have to say that right now is acting better. I have not had again this problem with firefox and the high system resources. So what i did to get to this point is what you both told me:

- First I Turned off JAVA (But it didnt seemd that the problem was fixed inmediately, I rebooted my computer, and i started openeing again many firefox windows with different websites and videos. to try to reach a high PF Usage and Cpu usage, but it didnt change much. It seems that HD Videos are the ones that consume the most resources, they make the CPU USAGE on Task manager go up to around 40 to 70%. But i think this is normal for HD videos. It performs the same on INTERNET EXPLORER....

- Then i started to turn off every ADDON/Plugin or Extension that might be related to the problem, and rebooted each time. Still computer didnt reach a very high PF usage. So it got better i say.

- As final step i unisnstalled all my versions of JAVA and then installed the latest one which is  Rebooted and i have benn monitoring Firefox since that.

So I can say that the computer is performing better than before for sure, BUT i think i have to wait a few more days and see if the problem of high PF Usage reappears to be 100% sure that the problem was resolved. But in ay case both your help was pretty usefull and it turned out that i learned a few new things about firefox... For example I didnt know much about the ADDONS and plugins thing, and now i have found some that can be very handy for my ervyday use of internet.

Thanks a lot, i appreciate it.


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