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We need some assistance on configuring our Exchange 2010 regards to TLS. We need to enable TLS on an external domain source. For example, i want TLS enable to emails goint only to Our current send connector goes to a smart host. Thanks for your support in advance.

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You don't need a cert to *send* TLS email, only to receive it.

I don't think there will be a firewall issue because the request to send email will originate from an inside address.

Bottom line for the OP -- you just need the new send connector.  You can route multiple domains for which you want to use TLS through it.  Start with the one to be sure it's working, then add others as you need them.
You have to create another send connector, limited to that domain, that connects directly to the SMTP server of the remote domain.
You have to obtain a TLS certificate for this goal from a certificate provider (I think you couldn't use a self signed cert). Please give the provider all the info he needs, together with the indication that this is a certificate for TLS email to be used with exchange.
You also have to open on the firewall the related outbound port to the remote SMTP server.
In any case, you couldn't use your smarthost to send TLS email.
occreditAuthor Commented:
Any special configs on the send connectors?
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