Authoritative to Internal domain

We are planning the migration of several mail domains from out legacy platform to the Smartcloud platform.

One of the scenarios we would like to support is the possibility of migrating the mail accounts in a phased process.
In this scenario we will have mailboxes in the two Exchanges  and mail will be rooted between the two mail systems
One of the key requirements of this process is that the mail domain, in the Smartcloud platform, cannot be Authoritive for the domain as to allow routing to the other server.

My question is:
The console configures each domain as Authoritative. We need to change it to Internal Domain to allow us to route e-mail.
This configuration has any impact on the overall system ?
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SommerblinkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only impact is if you receive a lot of email to your server which is addressed incorrectly, since your server will then route that email back out of it, verses bouncing it authoratively back to the sender.

But the quick answer, is No. I've never experienced a negative impact with 'split-domain' emails in Exchange.
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