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Onboard video for laptop looks fried...

Ok when the laptop boots I see nothing on the screen... not even bios.  The screen itself looks to be outputting backlight.  The comp has a PCI video out but even that gives attrocious graphics.  Hardly readable lines and distortion.  I grabbed the data from the machine mounting the HD to an external USB hd reader.

Dell 1420 vista home.... Any other way to test the machine with this poor video ?
Sean Meyer
Sean Meyer
1 Solution
Laptops are great to carry becuase they are so small and compact. They are terrible to fix, becuase they are so small and compact. :)

I know you said that the video is crappy with the external monitor, but while it is booting up, you can press F12 and get a menu. Perhaps you can descern the option for the diagnostics and you could run them. Maybe it could get you some sort of response that you can use.

But most likely your original theory is correct.

You could try to extend your warranty (ask Dell tech support to quote you a price). If that's not to your liking, then ask them what it would cost for an out-of-warranty repair. They will be happy to shoot you a quote. At least you'll be able to get Dell's tech support engaged and they will help troubleshoot the problem for you to the best of their ability.

And now you'll know whether it will be worth it to repair or replace.
Sean MeyerAuthor Commented:
Ok this is Oddl. I had gone into F12.  I did the diagnostic check and it said it found no errors.  I rebooted and everything was suddenly ok.  User stated it hadn't been ok for the last 5 or so times they tried to boot the pc.  And I had tried to boot the pc 3 or 4 times before I tried the external monitor.

Working is working...

Rebooted 3 times now without the external plugged in any more.

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