solaris 10 installation

what is best way to do above setting parmanent ?

routes,  export display setting permanent.

How to make sure of the interface ce0,ce1 physical port before installing Solaris 10 .
like there are 6 (six) ethernet interfaces two on board and 4 on Qfe but while installation the dns search fails , the trial and error takes 6 attempts to diagnose Ce0 and after exact physical connection it went through. it was turn out to be port 0 on Qfe PCI card.
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sulu999Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
export DISPLAY

and add in .profile of the system
Not sure what you are asking here.
Are you installing using jumpstart or using the DVD?
You have to know where you are plugging-in the network usually the built-in networks are detected first.

If at the time of install you do not have a physical connection, do not try searching for DNS, set the configuration to NONE and after the install copy /etc/nsswitch.dns to /etc/nsswitch.conf or simply modify the /etc/nsswitch.conf for hosts: files dns
and add the nameservers in the /etc/resolv.conf

sulu999Author Commented:

Installing from DVD , now how to make routes and export display permanent entrys ??

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export display is set by the connection
i.e. ssh -x username@host
during the network configuration you specify which NIC has which setup and if they are DHCP, the route will be autoset. IF you set static IPs you have to make sure to note the defaultrouter /etc/defaultrouter.
sulu999Author Commented:
.profile file needs to be edited
sulu999Author Commented:
put 250 points
this is accomplished automatically by using ssh -x user@remotesolarissystem.

The way you used it, has an issue if the path to a.b.c.d does not exist or falls behind a firewall such that the packets will never make it to a.b.c.d.
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