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Can a 3G Ipad connect to a MYFI 4g device?

Can a Ipad with a 3g radio connect to a 4g myfi handheld device for broadband 4g video reception?  Does this apply to a Toshiba laptop with a 3g radio?  Is there a 4g radio card available for the Toshiba laptops?
Howie Kay
Howie Kay
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My understanding of MiFi devices that I've used is that while it maintains a "4G" connection with the cell tower for data, it communicates with all your devices via WiFi.

If you open up your wifi settings on the iPad, you should see a wireless hotspot with full strength.  (You are near your MiFi device, right?)

You should also be able to access this wifi hotspot on your laptop as well. The password for the hotspot is usually a randomly generated password and it is stamped on the manufacture's plate on the device.

If you can provide the manufacture information for the MiFi, perhaps I can point you in the right direction to get it all working.
Howie KaySystems Engineer Lockheed Martin AerospaceAuthor Commented:
Hi Sommerblink,

thanks for your quick response.

Comcast, my ISP, is advertising wide bandwidth HIDEF video using thier MIFI device, Xfinity.
Does a cell tower broadcast a video HIDEF signal capable of full screen video?
I thought this was only available through cable, satellite, or dedicated street radios?
Comcast's and Verizon's long term plan is to dump cable and broadcast exclusively with wifi nationwide.
I didn't think that time was now but rather sometime in the future when they solved the interference problem with GPS that shut down Obama's deployment of nationwide wifi?

Howie KaySystems Engineer Lockheed Martin AerospaceAuthor Commented:
I have been following Verizon's expansion into LTE wifi.  How do they deploy LTE to replace their cable plant?
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If Comcast is wanting you to use a MyFi device, then that device has to be connected to the Internet in some way.  That can be via a cable connection (assumably what Comcast is doing), a cellular 3G or 4G connection (what the cell providers are doing), or some dedicated type of wireless connection (non-cellular).  A MyFi device is nothing more than a portable hotspot with an Internet connection on one side and WiFi on the other.  You are asking about a cell tower broadcasting HD video, but Comcast isn't a cell provider and I don't think they have any spectrum.  They deliver via a cabled infrastructure.  Can you provide more details about this device?  Is it possible that they are providing some non-cellular type of wireless signal to a fixed service area for the Internet side of this device?
Howie KaySystems Engineer Lockheed Martin AerospaceAuthor Commented:
Check CED'S email news letters which are covering Verizon's expansion using LTE and Comcast's on line adds.  Apparently,  LTE is a new wireless hidef technology which Verizon is using to replace its FIOS network deployment.

Lots of general news,  very little technical info.  


Howie KaySystems Engineer Lockheed Martin AerospaceAuthor Commented:
LTE is a new wideband HIDEF transmission from the cell towers to
augment the wifi "street" distribution system which is limited in distance
and logon capability.

Fios and Xfinity are in engineering development to deploy the LTE system
as soon as possible.

Fios has already stopped expanding their FIOS network through fiber cable.
The fiber optic manufacturers system, despite spec to the contrary, has
proved to be fragile during our winter and hurricane storms.
It is possible that HiDef Video transmission was always available from
the towers.  But the mobile cell transceivers, to date, are not capable of
receiving and translating the signal.   4g is a technology to help fix that
problem and the new mobile cell transceivers will be upgraded to receive
the Hidef HiiSpeed signal.  The mobile wifi transceivers, obviously, are
Hidef Hispeed capable with /n.  
Therefore, the MIFI device.

Eventually, maybe in my lifetime if I'm lucky, all TV transmission will be LTE.
And I can finally get rid of the damn cables hanging off my roof getting tangled up in my trees.


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