exchange 2010 migration - how to get outlook 2003 clients to automatically see new Exchange server

We have carried out a swing migration to Exchange 2010 from Exchange 2003 and moving the mailboxes was a breeze. However, currently all the mailboxes that have been transferred to the new exchange box all work with their outlook 2003 clients but all the existing clients are still pointing to the old exchange server. Now, when we decommission the old exchange server all the services will stop functioning as it will still be pointing to the old server. Is there a way to have all the existing 2003 clients automatically point to the new 2010 server without having to manually configure each of them?
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Vaseem MohammedCommented:
Possible workaround would be to create a DNS record with the old exchange 2003 Name which points to the  Exchange 2010 CAS.
Later you can set the profile of outlook via GPO.
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MSSC_supportAuthor Commented:
In addition, when i type in the new server name when creating a new outlook profile, it defaults to the old exchange server
This looks like the mailbox moves did not complete correctly. If the move fails or errors then the source mailbox isn't marked for delettion and remain disconnected. What you can do is to run mailbox cleanup on exchange 2003 to correctly complete the moves and update the users with the new mailbox.
MSSC_supportAuthor Commented:
The solution you gave me put me on the right track. I had to create a DNS record pointing to the external DNS address and then enter the rules into exchange management shell.

It worked.
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