Easiest and safest way to set up a hot zone hosted by windows vista OS?

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See these two links

Set up a shared Internet connection using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing)

You can use Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) to share an Internet connection among two or more computers on a network. First, you need one computer, called the host computer, that is connected to the Internet and that has a separate connection to the other computers on your network. You enable ICS on the Internet connection. The other computers on your network then connect to the host computer, and from there to the Internet through the host computer's shared Internet connection.

Sharing one Internet connection among several computers

Sharing one Internet connection among all of the computers on your home network saves time because you only have to set up one connection. And it saves money, because you don't have to buy an individual Internet account for each computer.

There are two ways to set up Internet connection sharing: by using a router, or by using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).

Define "Hot Zone"

You want to start a fire with your PC?  :^)

You want to set up a Wireless Access Zone for the internet?
easycapitalAuthor Commented:
Hi Jim,

I want one laptop to share with other laptops the internet connection.

easycapitalAuthor Commented:
Thank you,
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