How can I restore my Voice Memo's from an iPhone 4 WITHOUT using iTunes?

Ok guys, I have an iPhone 4 which is having problems. It connects fine but it's asking me to authorize it as a developer... which I'm not. (I played with the beta version and now I'm paying big).  I would gladly pay the 99 to become a developer but I don't have a Mac pc either which seems to be required.  Ugg.  I can most likely fix the problem by doing a restore within iTunes BUT that will erase about 30 days worth of medical patient data along with it.  I basically just need to get into the device long enough to do one last sync to get my voice memos.  Does anyone know of a third party program that can get inside the phone and pull those out? Everything else except a few apps is backed up.

Thanks a million guys!!!
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Eoin OSullivanConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
There are a few programs that allow you to access the Hard drive on your iPhone which should allow you to get at your memo files

Have you looked at something like these .. the demo period may be enough for the once-off copy of your files or you may have to register one of them but they are worth a try

PhoneView -

Win & OSX
iExplorer & PhoneDisk -
DiskAid -

Win only
iPhone Disk Drive - 
There is a option of emailing them using share button
In memos list, just click on the round blue arrow button next to the voice memo and then click the Share button
So that you can email it to ur id and the con is the emailed memos are limited to a length of 2 minutes, and the wor around is you can at least send them in segments.
dnscompaniesAuthor Commented:
The problem is,is that I only get two screens when I turn on the iPhone... "Activate Now" and "Your phone is not activated because it's not part of the developers program".  Only option is to "Try Again".  Otherwise I have access to nothing on the phone. Not even through iTunes...
Hmm without GUI and without Itunes there is no other way Afaik..
You are not required to have a Mac to sign up for  the developer program.
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