Error creating new site from custom site template

I am using SharePoint 2010 and have sucessfully saved a site as a template, however when I try to create a new site using the template I get the error shown in the image attached. Looking at the correlation ID in ULS viewer gives the following error

SPContentTypeElement.ElementActivated(). Skipped activation because of InvalidName: '$Resources:er,ExpenseFormsTitle;'

The ootb templates deploy fine, however custom templates throw up the above error, this error happens when trying to deploy sites from custom templates in any site collection within the farm.

The farm itself is new build of 2010 not an upgrade however the site collections were migrated across from a sharepoint 2010 server which had been upgraded from MOSS 2007

 Error Message
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jessc7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Were you using Report Server in the previous install of SharePoint / site templates? If so, this person had similiar issues:

$Resources:DataSourceContentTypeName Error

The bad news is at the bottom - he had to create a new site template as he couldn't remove the corrupt content types from the old site templates:

However, you still cannot create a new site with your custom template because the previously created template still references the old corrupt content types. You need to now create a new site template. The new template will be clean, and there will be no trace of the corrupt content types.
EmxITConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks, the solution you linked to wasn't the answer to my problem but it did lead me to the very useful SharePoint Manager 2010 tool.

I eventually found that the reference content types were not registered correctly because they were part of the FAB40 templates inherited from MOSS 2007. In order to get SharePoint to see them correctly I had to reinstall and deploy the applicationtemplatecore.wsp solution.

This fixed the content types issue but then created it's own issues when trying to save a site template and was throwing up the error SPException: Error exporting the site field named "Asset". In order to correct this you need to deactivate the TSAtypes feature then reactivate it.

After doing all this I can now save site templates and then create new sites from them.
EmxITAuthor Commented:
The solution offered by jessc7 wasn't the solution to my problem but did lead me in the right direction.

The comment I added was the correct solution to my problem.
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