I am looking for a home theater receiver with recording possibilities

I am looking for a home theater receiver that will allow me to record movies on tv and distribute that to my server in a simple matter. This means that it needs ethernet, a HDD and a simple user interface.

I have a TV in the living room where I sit most of the time, a theater in the basement and three bedrooms. Between these there's a LAN and a 3TB home server. I want to be able to record programs to be distributed to the server to be watched in other places of the appartment.

Does anyone know if such a receiver exist?  

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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
No receive I'm aware of -- but this is easilly done with a PC and tuner cards.   If you only need a modest # of tuners, Windows Media Center does a fine job -- the Windows 7 version is very refined.    If you want to support a large number of tuners, there are 3rd party solutions like Beyond TV that can do this -- although its support for HD is somewhat limited.    Since you're starting "from scratch" I'd probably use Windows 7 Media Center ... and if you need more than the 4 tuners it will support just use more than one PC -- they share very nicely; especially if all of the clients are also Windows 7.
I believe all of the network-capable Denon and Onkyo AV receivers can serve up MPG files to any of their outputs... what are you budgeting for that component?

You can record over-the-air TV with a Tivo, transfer the *.tivo files to hard drive, strip the tivo wrapper off with various utils (TivoDecode, TivoDecode Manager, VideoReDo, et al), leaving you with an MPG file that will stream to most AVRs and BD players that have network connections.

Or, if you have multiple Tivo units, you can transfer shows directly between them for viewing in separate rooms without any conversion (only series 3, and series 4 - aka "Premiere" versions - have high-definition capability).

Most AVRs with multiple zones can't send video to more than 2 zones at a time, though.

Many newer TV's with network connections can also play content from the LAN without needing an AVR, by the way.
There is some Media boxes or USB hard drives with a media player inside
NAS media boxes  I do state May provide what you ask for
A lot depends on your windows as newer technology is available for windows 7 but possibly not windows xp
Windows media center is a built in HTPC
Apple HTPC
these can tune in to live free to air TV with a TV tuner and or other methods.
 Made-for-TV Media Drives well worth a read if you like to do your homework first  
then read up on the reviews.
I'll list some that I know and you take a look, however most of these uses the internet or TV
Also please note I am in Australia
Western Digital WD TV LIVE HD Media Player HDMI 1080p
HD MediaBox
On this page scroll down to nearly the bottom
Revolutionary Home Video, Music & Photo Center
QNAP TS-119P II - $309.00  Australian
The TS-119P II is an ideal solution for easily storing large amount of multimedia files, including videos, music, and photos, and then sharing them within the home network with various network media devices. It hooks up to a router, for the purpose of streaming over a network
WD TV Live Hub Media Center
The Boxee you make your own
Boxee Box at a Glance
Hope that helps you, between Garycase and Darr247 and myself that about covers the main area
the rest is up to you and your budget.
Any questions just ask and we'll try and fill in the grey areas.

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twendelAuthor Commented:
In this case, the ultimate solution obviously doesn't exist, but these solutions provide a very good alternative.
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