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I need a PHP/HTML with WYSWYG editor, What do you recommend?, my budget for that is between 50 and 150 usd

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Marco GasiFreelancerCommented:
Personally, I recommend to NOT use any WYSWYG editor for html and over all for php: usually all that kind of editors use code that is very hard to understand and to mantain, to edit and to improve.
My suggestion is to use a good IDE: I use Netbeans ( Keep in mind that all code you don't write manually is code you don't know nothing about and you'll find very difficult to edit and mantain it.

Oh, Netbeans is free

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I agree with marqusG.
Personally I currently use Notepad++, it supports a lot of languages and it's a very fast editor.
Another IDE I like is: phpDesigner.
dimensionavAuthor Commented:
Just to be clear, an IDE is a software that only launches the app in a browser but you can not edit it directly in WYSIWYG mode, right?
Marco GasiFreelancerCommented:
No: IDE: Integrated Devolpment Environment. An IDE allows you to write and edit code, providing a lot of feature such as completion code, syntax error checking, project management and so on. Usually, an IDE allows you to add several plugins to make your work easier and more productive. Generally support many languages. The only thing it doesn't alllow is to edit files in WYSIWYG mode. As I said, this feature seems to be magic, but the magic is not always so beautiful as it seems to be. I don't know Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Web Professional, but I know Dreamweaver: it adds a lot of ununderstandable code to your pages and this makes them not maintanable at all without using Dreamweaver. In addition, the easiness in web designing hide the real complexity of this task and prevent you to learn how to create robust code.

Hope this helps

Ray PaseurCommented:
Editing PHP code in WYSISYG mode is kind of an oxymoron.  PHP generates server output (usually HTML strings or similar).

Here is my version of the IDE.  I write code using Notepad++ or TextPad.  I upload the code to a test directory on my hosting server using an FTP client.  I open a browser window and put in the URL of the test directory and the script I want to test.  Nothing could be simpler, and my tests are all made in a "live" environment, eliminating many of the nagging configuration issues that arise when you've developed a system on server "A" (maybe your laptop) and you now have to run it on a RackSpace machine that was configured by somebody else.

Avoid Dreamweaver if possible.  It generates some of the worst PHP code I have ever seen!

But that said, many of my colleagues like Eclipse.

HTH, ~Ray
dimensionavAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, all your comments are very valuable
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